...It's all in the eye of the beholder.

Daddy, Grandma, and Rhia, by Rhia, Age 5
Posted on my refrigerator.

I'm in the process of re-organizing my house, and I keep finding "treasures" I forgot I had.

Some I will keep, some I will sell, a lot I will toss.

This blog will be a photographic record of my treasure trove!

You be the judge: Should I keep, sell, or toss my treasures?


2011 Baltimore Orioles Schedule

Printed from the internet and posted on the refrigerator.

Perhaps the O's will do better next year?

You think?

Treasure or Junk?

Photograph of Two Geeks--Atlantic City (NJ), 1996

This photograph of my uncle Lyle (white sweatshirt) and husband Jerry (in black hat) has been posted on my refrigerator since 1996.

A few months before this photo was shot, the Unabomber (Ted Kaczynski) who had been terrorizing America, had finally been caught.

At the time, we thought these two bozos looked like the famous unabomber sketch that had been commissioned by the FBI in 1987.

Sketch by Jeanne Boylan, 1987 (Public Domain)

You know, pre-9/11.

Treasure or Junk?

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)--Notice of Baggage Inspection (English and Spanish)

As a regular overseas traveler, I find a lot of these inspection cards in my luggage.

I try not to get too paranoid about it.

The raciest thing I have ever packed is a large yellow rock that looks like a loaf of bread.


Treasure or Junk?

OfficeMax Paper Clip--Magnet

Isn't it amazing how many companies vie for your attention through giveaway refrigerator magnets? Corporate America seems to understand that once a doodad ends up on your refrigerator, IT WILL NEVER LEAVE!!!

Treasure or Junk?

Handcrafted Eastern European Ladybug Magnet (unsigned)

I spent 10 months (2009-2010) in Eastern Europe, where refrigerator magnets are starting to make their debut. This hand painted Ladybug Magnet came from a kiosk in Ramstore Mall (Skopje, Macedonia). It cost 100 denars, which is about $2.25.

This small item, albeit cute, is an alarming sign, for refrigerator magnets are one of the first indicators of an emerging consumerist society.

On the other hand, European refrigerators are small, so, perhaps, all is not lost.

Treasure or Junk?

Madeleine L'Engle--The Other Dog Magnet

Treasure or Junk?

Preservation Hall Jazz Band--Summer Tour Schedule, 1998

This card just kind of hangs around on my refrigerator. Why? Who knows?

Treasure or Junk?