...It's all in the eye of the beholder.

Daddy, Grandma, and Rhia, by Rhia, Age 5
Posted on my refrigerator.

I'm in the process of re-organizing my house, and I keep finding "treasures" I forgot I had.

Some I will keep, some I will sell, a lot I will toss.

This blog will be a photographic record of my treasure trove!

You be the judge: Should I keep, sell, or toss my treasures?


Baltimore Orioles 1993 Schedule

Welcome to Treasure or Junk?

This is my first post, so I will consider this my home page.

I am in the process of cleaning off my refrigerator, so in the next few weeks you will be seeing a lot of refrigerator magnets and other items that one would expect to find on the refrigerator, where stuff seems to live on forever.

Why clean off the fridge now? Who in the world ever cleans off their refrig?

Well, I have a good reason: yesterday, I was sure that the fridge had died--it made a funny clunking sound and then went silent. In anticipation of having to replace the old girl, I grabbed everything off the surface. Of course, once everything had been removed, she roared back to life.

I was left with a surprising amount of stuff, some of it important, some frivolous, some funny, but most of it outdated: old doctor and hair appointments--even a reminder for a mammogram, long since accomplished. Date: 2002. I don't even go to that doctor anymore.

I believe that this old Baltimore Orioles schedule is the oldest item found on my refrigerator, although certainly not the oldest item in my house. I still have stuff from my first marriage, which ended over 30 years ago.

The Oriole schedules will go back up because they pass the useful test--the ability to stick new stuff on the refrigerator. Besides, my hubby would take great umbrage if I threw away anything having to do with The Orioles.

I'll discuss the "inside" fridge graveyard at some other time--I have been known to grow some interesting specimens, but I'm getting better at keeping the ugly stuff at bay.

There will not be much text on this blog--the images will be able, for the most part, speak for themselves.

So, then, is this item treasure or junk?